International Symposium on GNSS 2015 | November16-19, 2015 at Miyakomesse, Kyoto, Japan


Poster Sessions

at Exhibision Hall

17th, 900-1300 Poster 1

120XuChengtaoChinaA Multi-dimensional GNSS Multipath Error Assessment Metric Based on Land Mobile Satellite Channel ModelSignal Process
238WuFalinChinaPerformance Analysis of Pre-filter Based GNSS Vector Tracking LoopSignal Process
3100KimJaehyunKoreaMulti-CAF MAP Performance Analysis in COSPAS-SARSAT MEOSARSpace Applic
429JingShourangChinaPerformance Analysis of BDS Ionospheric Delay Correction for Navigation ReceiversGlobal
5163JwoDah-JingTaiwanntegrity Monitoring Design Using the Rate Detector Algorithm for GPS Vector Tracking ReceiversReceivers
6194YamadaYutakaJapanDemonstration of the Indoor Localization System during IS-GNSS2015Indoor Navig
7178KimSun YoungKoreaA Study on Arrangement of Multiple Base Stations Considering Spoofing Conditions for Spoofing LocalizationInterference
856AkabaneGetulioBrazilHumanitarian focus in a IT projectOther Topics
933HuangXinmingChinaConstant Envelope Modulation Technologies for Modern GNSS SignalsNext Gen

*The authors are requested to stay at the break and lunch.

18th, 900-1300 Poster 2

114ChenHorng-YueTaiwanGPS/Acoustic seafloor geodetic study in the northeast TaiwanGeodesy
2102ChoiByung-KyuKoreaPrecise Point Positioning using the BeiDou B1/B2 and B1/B3 observations in South KoreaGeodesy
3115HasyimAnisah hasyimIndonesiaDeveloping a Linux-Based NTRIP Caster for GMU1 GNSS CORSGeodesy
4164RealiniEugenioItalyPrecise Monitoring Experiment by Geodetic-grade and Consumer-grade GNSS Receivers, with Permanent and Virtual Reference StationsGeodesys
5207ChouMing-yanTaiwanIonospheric Electron Density Profiles Obtained by Abel Inversion and Data Assimilation with FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and GPS Observation dataSpace Weather
6129LeeHungkyuKoreaAnalysis of Integrated Water Vapor from GPS
Measurements at Remotely Operating Station in the East China Sea
Space Weather
7212NishiokaToruJapanDevelopment for Geographic Coordinate Conversion System by N-codeOther Topics
890ChoySuelynnAustraliaFuture of Triple Frequency PPP in the Asia Pacific Region /AustraliaNext Gener

*The authors are requested to stay at the break and lunch.

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