International Symposium on GNSS 2015 | November16-19, 2015 at Miyakomesse, Kyoto, Japan

18 Room D

09:00 – 11:40 18D3 GNSS Receivers and Antenna Technologies

131900-920A software-based multi-IF output simulatorThuanNguyen DinhHanoi University of Science and TechnologyVietNam
244920-940Reliability Verification of MATLAB GUI Based Simulation Tool for Generating GPS MeasurementsDongukKimSeoul National UniversityKorea
383940-1000Estimation of code repeat count for positioning without GPS signal trackingWon-JaeYooKorea Aerospace UniversityKorea
41501000-1020Support Vector Machine Aided GPS Vector Tracking Loop in Signal Blockage EnvironmentsDah-JingJwoNational Taiwan Ocean UniversityTaiwan
51721040-1100RF direct sampling receiver for GPS L1 signalyu-JunWonCollage of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National UniversityKorea
61761100-1120A concept for new generation cloud-based software GNSS receiver.IvanPetrovskiiP-SolutionsJapan
71861120-1140The Qualification Engine: Fast Transition from Acquisition to Tracking in Difficult GNSS EnvironmentsBryanTownsendIntel Mobile Communications (UK) LimitedUK
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