International Symposium on GNSS 2015 | November16-19, 2015 at Miyakomesse, Kyoto, Japan

17 Room B

09:00 – 15:00 17B1 Pricise Point Positioning

1158900-920Semi-dynamic Reduction for cm Accurate PositioningKatsumiNakaneAisanTechnology Co.,LtdJapan
2139920-940Augmentation signal structure for Centimeter Level Augmentation ServiceJunichiTakiguchiMitsubishi Electric CorporationJapan
3108940-1000Compact SSR messages for satellite based nation-wide PPP-RTKRuiHirokawaMitsubishi Electric CorporationJapan
4681000-1020RTK-PPP: Centimeter-class Augmentation as the Social InfrastructureKokiAsariSatellite Positioning Research and Application Center (SPAC)Japan
51601040-1100Basic observation about effect of the QZSS's augmentation data at the top of Mount FujiAkiyoshiKomineAISAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Japan
61061100-1120Advances in NovAtel’s Precise Point Positioning (PPP) solution for high accuracy kinematic applications.RodMacLeodNovAtel Australia Pty LtdAustralia
71911120-1140High precision applications with signals of QZSSAndreyVeitselTopcon Positioning SystemsRussia
9951300-1320Sub-meter Level Augmentation Service in Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, it's Performance AnalysisSawakaSekiNEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd.Japan
10931320-1340Real-time Precise Point Positioning using QZSS LEX Augmentation CorrectionsSuelynnChoyRMIT UniversityAustralia
111011340-1400Stability of Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution Using GPS and GLONASS SignalsHidekiYamadaHitachi Zosen CorporationJapan
121531400-1420QZSS-1 Precise Orbit Determination by MADOCATomojiTakasuLighthouse Technology and Consulting Ltd.Japan
131751420-1440GNSS performance evaluation for Applying to Advanced Driving Assistance System and Autonomous Driving SystemSatoshiKogureJapan Aerospace Exploration AgencyJapan

15:00 – 16:20 17B2-1 Augmentation Systems

11801500-1520SBAS Real-time Performance Monitoring Tools - EVORAPetrBaresIguassu Software SystemsCzech
21111520-1540A New Code Carrier Divergence Monitor for Dual Frequency GBASYipingJiangecole nationale de l'aviation civileFrance
3101540-1600A Dual-constellation Ground Based Augmentation System Prototype for GPS and BeiDouShuo-JuYehNational Cheng Kung UniversityTaiwan

16:20 – 17:20 17B2-2 Tsunami and Landslide Monitoring

11611620-1640Development of GNSS buoy for tsunami early warning: its history and future prospectTERUYUKIKATOEarthquake Research Institute, the Univ. TokyoJapan
21931640-1700Initial tsunami height estimated by observing tsunamigenic ionospheric hole: Possibility of early warning system of tsunami from spaceMasashiKamogawaTokyo Gakugei UniversityJapan
31491700-1720Leica VADASE - First autonomous GNSS monitoring solution for fast movements onboard a stand-alone GNSS receiverYasuhikoHashimotoLeica GeosystemsJapan
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